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Sabaya 2009

Sabaya is a Comedy Series Syrian tells sabaya five girls the story of living in one house and punctuated, of events a...

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Early Swallows 2019

The series revolves around the lives of Ukrainian teenagers in a secondary school class. The teenagers struggle with ...

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Aile 2023

Aile is a story of Aslan who is the son of a large family, runs a nightclub. An extremely shrewd man. He is a dark an...

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Cinderella and Four Knights 2016

Eun Ha-Won is a college student. She is a bright girl who wants to be a veterinarian, but at home she is lonely. She ...

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Lady & Liar 2015

Set in Shanghai's 1930's, Jiang Xin (Tiffany Tang) is a young lady who was originally an heir to a rich family, is in...

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Liaison 2023

Two agents—and former lovers—must work together to combat international cyberattacks threatening the UK while als...

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The Legend of the Blue Sea 2016

A mermaid from the Joseon period ends up in present-day Seoul, where she crosses paths with a swindler who may have t...

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Bad Guys: Vile City 2017

Ordered to take down a villainous business leader who controls the city, a prosecutor gathers a team of men who may n...

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