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Rain Shadow
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Rain Shadow Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 Episode 6




Tony Morphett
Relieved of the burden of her secret, Kate appears to have lost the will to challenge the area's destiny. Threatened by the fact that rival vet James Campbell will expose her decision not to notify the authorities about the sheep disease, she agrees to sell him her practice, mostly in order to save Jill's career. But Jill, realising she is the only person who knows what really happened to Kate's husband, and in view of the new bond created between them following Kate's confession, refuses to allow her to give up so easily. Even when Kate is determined to sacrifice herself yet again, Jill comes up with a radical plan that could save the farmers of Paringa and allow Kate to embrace the possibility of a happy and guilt free future - but only if Kate can overcome her notorious stubborn streak.


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