Putlocker TV Series Results for "bromance" 1

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2005

Four egocentric friends who run a neighborhood Irish pub in Philadelphia try to find their way through the adult worl...

Country: USA

8.2 IMDB Rating 2046 Views 22 min Runtime
Kevin from Work 2015

A workplace comedy centered on Kevin, a young man who declares his unrequited love for his coworker Audrey in a lette...

Country: USA

5.2 IMDB Rating 674 Views 23 min Runtime
Meganebu! 2013

At Himaraya Third Technical School, five bespectacled members of the Glasses club are crazy about eyewear. Their lead...

Country: JP, Jp

7 IMDB Rating 640 Views 23 min Runtime
Boston Legal 2004

Alan Shore and Denny Crane lead a brigade of high-priced civil litigators in an upscale Boston law firm in a series f...

Country: USA

7.9 IMDB Rating 1203 Views 42 min Runtime
Purinsesu purinsesu D 2006

An all-boys school with a tradition of Princesses, boys chosen to dress up as girls to create tension between the st...

Country: JP, Jp

3.8 IMDB Rating 601 Views 24 min Runtime
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 2007

Han-gyeol is a smart young man who hates to be tied down to one career in his life. Abhorring the idea of joining the...

Country: KR

7.8 IMDB Rating 641 Views 61 min Runtime
Tiger & Bunny 2011

Tiger & Bunny is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise under the direction of Keiichi Satou...

Country: JP, Jp

5.8 IMDB Rating 588 Views 25 min Runtime
Vatican Miracle Examiner 2017

Vatican City—Holy Land of the Catholics. Amidst the land, there is an organization that conducts rigorous investiga...

Country: JP, Jp

7.7 IMDB Rating 83 Views 24 min Runtime
Descendants of the Sun 2016

After a chance meeting in a hospital, an ardent soldier falls for a gifted surgeon. Opposing philosophies tear them a...

Country: KR, Kr

8.359 IMDB Rating 174 Views 60 min Runtime
The Boy Next Door 2017

Neighbors Kyu Tae and Ki Je can't seem to escape one another - they discover they have a mutual acquaintance in Min A...

Country: KR, Kr

10 IMDB Rating 117 Views 7 min Runtime
At A Distance, Spring Is Green 2021

A coming of age story about young people in their twenties and the problems they face in university. Nam Soo-hyun and...

Country: KR, Kr

9 IMDB Rating 58 Views 63 min Runtime
School 2013 2012

Go Nam-soon, a young boy, constantly gets bullied by a group in his class. Later, one of his old rivals joins his sch...

Country: KR, Kr

7.8 IMDB Rating 22 Views 65 min Runtime
Nirvana in Fire 2 2017

Xiao Pingjing finally succumbs to the grief caused by the death of his brother and his father, and he leaves the capi...

Country: CN

9.5 IMDB Rating 48 Views 45 min Runtime
Take My Brother Away 2018

Bickering siblings Shi Miao and Shi Fen tackle friendship matters, school drama and the pitfalls of growing up with l...

7 IMDB Rating 50 Views 45 min Runtime
Pegasus Market 2019

The manager of Pegasus Market, Moon Seok-goo, is worried about the store’s decreasing sales. One day Jeong Bok-dong...

Country: KR, Kr

7.778 IMDB Rating 24 Views 65 min Runtime

Using superpowers to enter their clientele’s photos one by one, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang take their work seriousl...

Country: CN, Cn

8.1 IMDB Rating 227 Views 23 min Runtime
Solomon's Perjury 2016

A male student's body is found at school. Authorities assume that the student killed himself in a fall. Other student...

Country: KR, Kr

7.025 IMDB Rating 19 Views 64 min Runtime
Tong: Memories 2016

A tough young man with a short temper and no patience for bullies gains a legendary reputation as the best street fig...

Country: KR, Kr

7 IMDB Rating 15 Views 12 min Runtime
Heavy Object 2015

"Objects" are powerful, massive weapons that change the course of warfare and are manned by Elite Object pilots. An o...

Country: JP, Jp

7.1 IMDB Rating 45 Views 25 min Runtime
Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions 2023

Ron Kamonohashi was once regarded as a genius at the top detective training academy. But after a fatal mistake, he wa...

Country: JP, Jp

6.7 IMDB Rating 46 Views 24 min Runtime

Fourland Kingdom is an island nation in the North Atlantic. In this country, there are 52 X-Playing Cards, considered...

Country: JP, Jp

6.071 IMDB Rating 22 Views 24 min Runtime
S.C.I: Journal of Mysterious Case 2018

The story of a life-and-death contest between justice and evil. Some people try their best to resist the darkness, wh...

Country: CN, Cn

9 IMDB Rating 8 Views 38 min Runtime
Swim! 2017

Higashigaoka High School’s male swimming club presently has only three second-year members – leader Sakaki Shuhei...

Country: JP, Jp

7 IMDB Rating 12 Views 23 min Runtime
Hunter x Hunter 1999

Gon Freecss discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was actually alive the whole time. Ging is a f...

Country: JP, Jp

8.503 IMDB Rating 27 Views 23 min Runtime
Suits 2018

Choi Kyung Seo is a legendary lawyer at the top law firm in South Korea. He has charisma and an attractive appearance...

Country: KR, Kr

7 IMDB Rating 61 Views 60 min Runtime
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim 2024

A competent secretary and a narcissistic boss fall in love while uncovering a traumatic past that causes them to ques...

Country: PH, Ph

10 IMDB Rating 25 Views 42 min Runtime
Uncle Samsik 2024

Driven to turn his country's fortunes around, Kim San crosses paths with Pak Doochill, a shady fixer who adapts quick...

Country: KR, Kr

10 IMDB Rating 10 Views 42 min Runtime
High School Return of a Gangster 2024

A spirit of a middle school dropout gangster who accidentally possesses an 18-year-old boy’s body who killed himsel...

Country: KR, Kr

8.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views 55 min Runtime