Putlocker "Germán" Movies

Landretter 2021

Country: Germany

Stars: Karin Berndt, Maria Heubuch, Günther Wuchterl,

0 IMDB Rating 102 Views 90 min Runtime
Wikiriders 2024

Deliberately rebelling against no-frills entertainment films, the trio of Clara Winter, Miiel Ferráez, and Megan Mar...

Country: Germany, Mexico


0 IMDB Rating 11 Views 60 min Runtime
Die Toten von Marnow 2021

The city of Schwerin is sweltering under a heat wave never seen before. Detectives Lona Mendt and Frank Elling are on...

Country: Germany

Stars: Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Anton Rubtsov,

7 IMDB Rating 177 Views 90 min Runtime
Buakaw: Boxer Legend Legacy 2015

He started as one of many - today he is the most famous Muay Thai fighter of his country. The documentary “Buakaw �...

Country: Germany

Stars: Buakaw Banchamek

7.4 IMDB Rating 121 Views 47 min Runtime
Size Matters 2018

Professor Hannah Fry explores what life would be like if everything was either very large or very small. Could a supe...

Country: Germany

Stars: Hannah Fry, Tyrel Meyer, Herve Bocherens

6.6 IMDB Rating 230 Views 58 min Runtime
Ein Fall für Conti - Spieler 2024

Country: Germany

Stars: Désirée Nosbusch, Malaya Stern Takeda, Maximilian Mundt,

0 IMDB Rating 4 Views 89 min Runtime
Die Kundin 2021

Country: Germany


0 IMDB Rating 89 Views 90 min Runtime
Berlin Nobody 2024

American social psychologist Ben Monroe investigates a local cult connected to a disturbing event. While he immerses ...

Country: France, Germany, United States of America

Stars: Eric Bana, Sylvia Hoeks, Sadie Sink,

0 IMDB Rating 11 Views 90 min Runtime
Krieg oder Frieden 2024

Country: Germany

Stars: Eva Mattes

0 IMDB Rating 2 Views 90 min Runtime
INRI - Warum musste Jesus sterben? 2024

This scenic documentary attempts to reconstruct the last days of Jesus Christ - from his arrival in Jerusalem to his ...

Country: Germany

Stars: Eidin Jalali, Lucas Prisor, Isaak Dentler,

0 IMDB Rating 2 Views 88 min Runtime
Entropia 2021

Charles returns to the city he passed his childhood, where he meets old friends and enemies. Starting a romantic conn...

Country: Germany

Stars: Frank Kampmann, Greta Prager, Ray Nottenkämper,

0 IMDB Rating 140 Views 98 min Runtime
Original Copy - Verrückt nach Kino 2015

The heroes, heroines and villains of Bollywood cinema act out their parts in the hand-painted, one-of-a-kind movie po...

Country: Germany


7 IMDB Rating 130 Views 95 min Runtime
Wadjda 2012

Wadjda is a 10-year-old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Although she lives in a conse...

Country: Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia,

Stars: Reem Abdullah, Waad Mohammed, Abdullrahman Algohani,

7.3 IMDB Rating 239 Views 98 min Runtime
Godless Youth 2017

German students compete to enter one of the country's elite schools.

Country: Germany

Stars: Fahri Yardım, Jannis Niewöhner, Anna Maria Mühe,

6.2 IMDB Rating 146 Views 114 min Runtime
Three Friends 2023

Hilal and Ayşe are cardboard collectors while Mercan works as a scrap collector. Gang leader Selim kidnaps the child...

Country: Germany, Turkey

Stars: Buse Demirağ, Halime Gülda Aydın, Gökem Sağ,

0 IMDB Rating 37 Views 88 min Runtime
Good News 2024

Journalist Leo goes to Thailand to report on rebel groups.

Country: Germany

Stars: Ilja Nikolai Stahl, Sabree Matming, Dennis Scheuermann

0 IMDB Rating 10 Views 80 min Runtime
Lepain Part 1: The King of the Innocents 1914

Country: Germany

Stars: Fern Andra, Rudolf Forster, Aristide Latensen,

0 IMDB Rating 61 Views 45 min Runtime
Dancing Heartbeats 2024

Country: Germany


0 IMDB Rating 2 Views 90 min Runtime
Animals United 2: The Chilldown 2024

Sequel to Animals United (2010). Plot TBA.

Country: Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America

Stars: James Corden, Stephen Fry, Moira Kelly,

0 IMDB Rating 9 Views 90 min Runtime
Trade Wars Throughout History 2020

With the intention of selling opium to the Chinese, and in the name of free trade, the British declared war on the Ch...

Country: Germany

Stars: Michael Che Koch, Jean-Luc Julien

7 IMDB Rating 290 Views 53 min Runtime
Warum kann der Teufel nicht schön sein 2021

Country: Germany


0 IMDB Rating 309 Views 90 min Runtime
Orlando - or a little history of the middle class 2023

By its definition of being "neither poor nor rich", the middle class seems to have always had an identity problem. Th...

Country: Germany


0 IMDB Rating 39 Views 41 min Runtime
Bicentennial Man 1999

Richard Martin buys a gift, a new NDR-114 robot. The product is named Andrew by the youngest of the family's children...

Country: Germany, United States of America, Canada

Stars: Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill,

7.2 IMDB Rating 165 Views 131 min Runtime
Independence 2024

The Afro-German actor Helen Wendt takes the audience on a journey along her family history between the GDR, Mozambiqu...

Country: Germany


0 IMDB Rating 9 Views 90 min Runtime
Nightwish: Decades Live in Buenos Aires 2019

Recorded during Nightwish's "Decades World Tour" on September 30th., 2018 at the Microestadio Malvinas Argentinas ven...

Country: Germany

Stars: Floor Jansen, Tuomas Holopainen, Emppu Vuorinen,

6.5 IMDB Rating 49 Views 132 min Runtime
Pompeii 2014

In 79 A.D., Milo, a slave turned gladiator, finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia, the be...

Country: Canada, Germany, United States of America

Stars: Kit Harington, Carrie-Anne Moss, Emily Browning,

5.4 IMDB Rating 781 Views 105 min Runtime
Resident Evil: Retribution 2012

The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into le...

Country: Canada, France, Germany,

Stars: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez,

5.7 IMDB Rating 489 Views 95 min Runtime
Things to Come 2016

Nathalie teaches philosophy at a high school in Paris. She is passionate about her job and particularly enjoys passin...

Country: France, Germany

Stars: Isabelle Huppert, André Marcon, Edith Scob,

6.5 IMDB Rating 115 Views 102 min Runtime
A Cure for Wellness 2017

An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" a...

Country: Germany, United States of America

Stars: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth,

6.3 IMDB Rating 404 Views 146 min Runtime
Love, Rosie 2014

Since the moment they met at age 5, Rosie and Alex have been best friends, facing the highs and lows of growing up si...

Country: Germany, United Kingdom

Stars: Lily Collins, Sam Claflin, Christian Cooke,

7.8 IMDB Rating 320 Views 102 min Runtime
Once Again 2019

After a chance phone call leads to daily conversations, a widowed restaurant owner and a lonely film actor plan to fi...

Country: Austria, Germany, India

Stars: Neeraj Kabi, Shefali Shah, Priyanshu Painyuli,

6.8 IMDB Rating 123 Views 101 min Runtime
Between Us 2024

Ilyas and Yasemin are a couple in love - until Yasemin is shot by an unknown assailant in their shared café. Ilyas' ...

Country: Germany

Stars: Serkan Kaya, Seyneb Saleh, Amira Demirkiran,

1 IMDB Rating 2 Views 100 min Runtime