Superhero Movies

Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018

Just when his time under house arrest is about to end, Scott Lang once again puts his freedom at risk to help Hope va...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña,

7 IMDB Rating 1381 Views 119 min Runtime
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014

After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America is living quietly in Wa...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan,

7.7 IMDB Rating 806 Views 136 min Runtime
Batman: Soul of the Dragon 2021

Bruce Wayne faces a deadly menace from his past, with the help of three former classmates: world-renowned martial art...

Country: United States of America

Stars: David Giuntoli, Mark Dacascos, Kelly Hu,

5.5 IMDB Rating 139 Views 90 min Runtime
My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission 2021

A mysterious group called Humarize strongly believes in the Quirk Singularity Doomsday theory which states that when ...

Country: Japan

Stars: Daiki Yamashita, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yuki Kaji,

7 IMDB Rating 103 Views 90 min Runtime
Krrish 3 2013

Krrish and his father Rohit must team up to save the world from a psychokinetic evil man named Kaal and his army of m...

Country: India

Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra,

5.3 IMDB Rating 233 Views 152 min Runtime
Fantastic Four 2005

During a space voyage, four scientists are altered by cosmic rays: Reed Richards gains the ability to stretch his bod...

Country: Germany United States of America

Stars: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans,

5.7 IMDB Rating 190 Views 106 min Runtime
Justice League: The New Frontier 2008

The human race is threatened by a powerful creature, and only the combined power of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, G...

Country: United States of America

Stars: David Boreanaz, Neil Patrick Harris, Brooke Shields,

6.9 IMDB Rating 245 Views 75 min Runtime
Ultraman: Rising 2024

With Tokyo under attack from kaiju, Ultraman discovers his greatest challenge isn’t fighting giant monsters - it’...

Country: Japan United States of America

Stars: Christopher Sean, Gedde Watanabe, Tamlyn Tomita,

0 IMDB Rating 5 Views 117 min Runtime
Unknown Origins 2020

Cops join comic book and cosplay geeks to nab a killer re-creating superhero origin stories.

Country: Argentina Spain

Stars: Antonio Resines, Verónica Echegui, Ernesto Alterio,

4.2 IMDB Rating 106 Views 96 min Runtime
Spider-Man 3 2007

The seemingly invincible Spider-Man goes up against an all-new crop of villains—including the shape-shifting Sandma...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco,

6.2 IMDB Rating 242 Views 139 min Runtime
All Star Superman 2011

Lex Luthor enacts his plan to rid the world of Superman, once and for all. Succeeding with solar radiation poisoning,...

Country: United States of America

Stars: James Denton, Christina Hendricks, Anthony LaPaglia,

6.8 IMDB Rating 186 Views 76 min Runtime
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018

Miles Morales is juggling his life between being a high school student and being a spider-man. When Wilson "Kingpin" ...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld,

8.4 IMDB Rating 729 Views 117 min Runtime
Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants 2016

Mr. Freeze turns Killer Croc and Bane into super-sized monsters, and they bash their way through downtown Gotham unti...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Carlos Alazraqui, Roger Craig Smith, Troy Baker,

6.2 IMDB Rating 77 Views 72 min Runtime
Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to ba...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Michael Keaton, Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei,

7.4 IMDB Rating 711 Views 133 min Runtime
We Can Be Heroes 2020

When alien invaders capture Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and t...

Country: United States of America

Stars: YaYa Gosselin, Pedro Pascal, Priyanka Chopra,

6.66667 IMDB Rating 89 Views 100 min Runtime
Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of X-Men '97 2024

In the early 1990s, few beyond those who journeyed into the pages of Marvel comics had ever heard of “Rogue,” “...

Country: United States of America


0 IMDB Rating 9 Views 90 min Runtime
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract 2017

Tara Markov is a girl who has power over earth and stone; she is also more than she seems. Is the newest Teen Titan a...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Stuart Allan, Jake T. Austin, Taissa Farmiga,

7.4 IMDB Rating 305 Views 84 min Runtime
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip o...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner,

5.9 IMDB Rating 489 Views 101 min Runtime
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights 2011

As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit A...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, Elisabeth Moss,

6.6 IMDB Rating 303 Views 84 min Runtime
Batman: Death in the Family 2020

An adaptation of the 1988 comic book storyline of the same name, Death in the Family chronicles the tragic death of s...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, John DiMaggio,

2 IMDB Rating 267 Views 80 min Runtime
Gamera: Super Monster 1980

As a massive alien craft heads to Earth to do evil, three good and powerful superwomen befriend a young boy who has a...

Country: Japan

Stars: Mach Fumiake, Yaeko Kojima, Yoko Komatsu,

5.4 IMDB Rating 7 Views 92 min Runtime
The Toxic Avenger: The Musical 2018

Based on Lloyd Kaufman’s cult 1984 comedy film, The Toxic Avenger The Musical tells the story of the citizens of Tr...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Ben Irish, Natalie Hope, Emma Salvo,

7.5 IMDB Rating 313 Views 121 min Runtime
Justice League Dark 2017

Beings with supernatural powers join together to fight against supernatural villains.

Country: United States of America

Stars: Matt Ryan, Jason O'Mara, Camilla Luddington,

7.3 IMDB Rating 270 Views 75 min Runtime
Zoom 2006

Jack Shepard is an out-of-shape auto shop owner, far removed from the man who once protected the world's freedom. Rel...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase,

5.1 IMDB Rating 197 Views 83 min Runtime
Injustice 2021

When Lois Lane is killed, an unhinged Superman decides to take control of the Earth. Determined to stop him, Batman c...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Justin Hartley, Anson Mount, Laura Bailey,

7.517 IMDB Rating 91 Views 78 min Runtime
Wonder Woman 2017

An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and b...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen,

7.3 IMDB Rating 679 Views 141 min Runtime
Justice League 2017

Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assem...

Country: United Kingdom Canada United States of America

Stars: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams,

6.2 IMDB Rating 623 Views 120 min Runtime
The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie 1989

Toxie finds he has nothing to do as a superhero, as he has ridden his city of evil. So he decides to go to work for a...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Ron Fazio, John Altamura, Rick Collins,

4.9 IMDB Rating 212 Views 102 min Runtime
The Heroic Trio 1993

While one tough woman with an invisible robe has stolen 18 babies for her powerful master, two other tough women and ...

Country: Hong Kong

Stars: Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung,

6.5 IMDB Rating 11 Views 88 min Runtime
Star Kid 1997

Shy seventh-grader Spencer Griffith's life changes when the meteor falls into local junkyard and he finds a Cybersuit...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Joseph Mazzello, Richard Gilliland, Corinne Bohrer,

6.3 IMDB Rating 104 Views 101 min Runtime
Superman: Doomsday 2007

When LexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Superman meets his greatest challenge as a champio...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche, James Marsters,

6.6 IMDB Rating 249 Views 75 min Runtime
Death of a Superhero 2011

A dying 15-year-old boy draws stories of an invincible superhero as he struggles with his mortality.

Country: Germany

Stars: Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Michael McElhatton,

7.1 IMDB Rating 165 Views 97 min Runtime